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Biden Says US Will Disrupt Any Threat from Afghanistan

(TOLO News): “As we bring to an end America’s longest war and draw down the last of our troops from Afghanistan, al Qaeda is greatly degraded there," Biden said. “But the United States will remain vigilant about the threat from terrorist groups that have metastasized around the world. We will continue to monitor and disrupt

Al-Qaeda Not Completely Uprooted in Afghanistan: Officials

(TOLO News): The US presence in Afghanistan over the last 20 years was due to the existence of al-Qaeda. US President Joe Biden last month said the US has achieved its objectives in the Afghanistan war. “Right now, al-Qaeda and Talib are not two different ideologic topics; they are beyond that as they have intermarried

Osama killing a moment I’ll never forget, says Biden

(Pajhwok): US President Joe Biden has called the killing of Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden a moment he will never forget. On the 10th anniversary of Osama’s killing during a US raid in Pakistan’s garrison city of Abbottabad, Biden recalled he joined President Obama and members of his national security team to watch the operation

Kochi to Ghani: Make peace with Taliban for Allah’s sake

(Pajhwok): Farida Kochi, who has lost three sons including a four-month-old to war, wants support to go to Qatar and plead with the warring parties for peace. But Kochi, a former senator, is still making strenuous efforts to stretch her scarf (shawl) before the negotiators for making peace and renouncing the war. A member of

166 New Cases of COVID-19, Five Deaths Reported in Afghanistan

(TOLO News): The ministry also reported five deaths and 119 recoveries from COVID-19 in the same period.  The new cases were reported in Kabul (44), Nangarhar (33), Kandahar (22), Herat (11), Balkh (1), Takhar (5), Baghlan (1), Kunduz (1), Parwan (1), Bamiyan (4), Maidan Wardak (6), Badakhshan (4), Kunar (3), Laghman (16), Panjshir (3), Uruzgan

Taliban Mounts 141 Attacks in 24 Hours: Sources

(TOLO News): Information obtained by TOLOnews shows that in attacks by the Taliban in the last 24 hours at least 20 people were killed, including Peramqul Ziaee, a commander of public uprising forces in Takhar Information obtained by TOLOnews shows that Taliban in the last 24 hours at least 20 people were killed, including Peramqul

US base in Helmand transitions to Afghan forces

(Pajhwok): Afghan security forces have taken control of a key US military base in southern Helmand province, the army says. Camp Antonik transitioned to Afghan forces on Sunday, a day after the US military formally started pulling out its forces from Afghanistan. All foreign troops were moving to the Bagram base in central Parwan province,

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