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The Afghan Mess: How To Get Out Without Creating Another

(Hot Air): The initial goal of invading Afghanistan in the immediate weeks after 9/11 could not have been more clear: Get Osama bin Laden and oust the Taliban regime that gave his fanatical pack of beards safe haven to plan and practice the deadly attacks.It was the first and so far only time NATO allies

Taliban Terrorist Killed in Badakhshan

Badakhshan (BNA) Seven Taliban terrorist were killed in an air strike in Badakhshan province. Abdul Karim Farhat governor of Keran and Menjan district, Badakhshan province told BNA, the attack carried out on Taliban strongholds in Pul Askazar region of the mentioned District, in which Seven Taliban terrorist group were killed and two others have been

Bomb blast kills university lecturer in E. Afghan province

(China.org.cn): A university teacher was killed and two other teachers wounded in a bomb attack in Jalalabad, capital city of eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar on Tuesday, a provincial government spokesman confirmed. "The blast occurred after a sticky bomb attached to a sedan carrying university teachers was detonated roughly at 5:00 p.m. local time. The

Coming home: Utah soldiers return from Afghanistan

(Deseret news): First Lt. Taylor Duke holds his daughter Leslee Duke and hugs his wife Amanda Duke at the Salt Lake International Airport in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2019. Duke was one of five soldiers with the Utah National Guard’s 4th Infantry Division Main Command Post Operational Detachment who flew into Salt

Afghanistan: human rights defenders under increased attack – new briefing

(Amnesty International UK):  Afghanistan’s human rights community are facing face intimidation, harassment, threats and violence amid intensifying attacks from both the authorities and armed groups, Amnesty International said in a new briefing released today (28 August). While violence escalates in Afghanistan - last year saw the highest levels of civilian deaths on record - human

Gilani prefers peace over presidential election

KABUL (Pajhwok): Mahaz-i-Milli Islami party leader Syed Pir Hamid Gilani has said he prefers peace over next month’s presidential election and his entire efforts evolve around making the peace process a success. “We support peace that stops the bloodshed of Afghans forever, we want a dignified peace which is acceptable to all Afghans and in

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