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Dawlat Abad District Fall to Taliban Group

(BNA): The center of Dawlat Abad district, northern Faryab province has fallen to Taliban group last night. According to BNA report, local residents say the district was under the Taliban siege since three days, finally the group has taken the control of the district last night. It has been said, security official have made “tactical

NATO Chief Vows Continued Support to Afghans Despite Withdrawal

(TOLO News): NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says the alliance is ending its military mission in Afghanistan, but it is not ending its support for Afghans, reiterating that they are looking into ways “to preserve our hard-won gains” in the country. “At the same time, of course, we’re also looking into the future. And addressing how

Iran Assures UN of Supporting Afghan-Led Peace Process

(BNA): Special Representative of UN’ Secretary-General in Afghanistan Jean Arnault met with Iranian Foreign Minister’s special envoy for Afghanistan Mohammad Ebrahim Taherian in Tehran on Monday, Iranian media reported. Jean Arnault heading a delegation arrived in Tehran to meet with Iranian officials and discuss Afghanistan’s issues, according to local media. During the meeting, the two

126 Taliban Insurgents Killed Across The Country

(BNA): One hundred and twenty-six Taliban insurgents have been killed in the past 24 hours in clashes with security and defense forces across the country. Ruhollah Ahmadzai, spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense, told B NA, 126 Taliban were killed and 79 others were wounded in clashes and attacks by defense and security forces

Sullivan Confirms US Had Intel, Military Talks with Pakistan

(TOLO News): in the military, intelligence and diplomatic channels to make sure that Afghanistan never again becomes a base from which terrorist groups would not attack the US – but he did not go into details about it. Sullivan made the remarks at a press briefing on Monday in response to a question on US’s

Taliban Insurgents Killed in Jawzjan Raid

(BNA): 14 Taliban insurgents were killed in Jawzjan and a car full of enemy explosives was destroyed. The insurgents gathering in the Quduq area of Qushitipa district of Jawzjan province was targeted by the country’s air force, in which 9 Taliban insurgents were killed and four motorcycles and their weapons were destroyed. Also, a car

Center of Faryab’s Dawlat Shah District Falls to Taliban

(TOLO News): The center of Dawlat Shah district in the northern province of Faryab fell to the Taliban on Monday evening, a member of the provincial council, Abdul Ahad Elbek said on Tuesday.  Elbek said that a number of the security forces have evacuated the center of the district after heavy clashes with the Taliban,

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