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Support for Taliban must cease for Afghan peace

(The Statesmam): Afghanistan as a nation has only witnessed wars and bloodshed for the past four decades. Its turmoil began with the Soviet invasion in December 1979 and continues to date. The US entered after the 9/11 attack. After two decades, the US is now firming its plans to pull out. It has realised that

4 Years of Peace Could Increase Afghan GDP by 7%: UNDP

(TOLO News): "This will also increase the government’s revenues and ability to fund aspirational development and social programs. However, governance needs to improve and corruption to be addressed head-on, otherwise, things will not change for better," the report says. The report is the latest of a series of "Country Notes" by UNDP Afghanistan that analyzes the

Ex-Taliban Member Now Runs Govt Institution in Kandahar

(TOLO News): NMawlawi Manzoor Ahmad Husaini had different roles as the Taliban-designated security chief in Badghis, head of military commission in the western zone, and head of the Olympic committee during the group’s regime in Kabul.  Husaini took up arms while at a madrassa and fought in different parts of the country until he joined

104 Taliban militants killed in latest military stings

(Afghanistan Times): At least 104 Taliban militants were killed and 68 others wounded during latest military stings of the Afghan security forces in different provinces across the country in the past 24 hours, defense ministry said on Tuesday. The latest military crackdowns conducted in Ghazni, Zabul, Herat, Farah, Badghis, Faryab, Balkh, Helmand, Badakhshan and Kandahar

Four security force members killed in Taliban Kunduz attack

(Afghanistan Times): Officials in the northern Kunduz province reported the death of four police officers that lost their lives in a Taliban attack in PD 5th of the provincial capital city of the same name, Kunduz. Provincial Council Member, Mohammad Yusuf Ayoubi said that the three security forces were taken hostage by the Taliban militants.

Taliban Say No to Afghan President’s New Peace Plan

(The Medialine): The Taliban has categorically rejected President Ashraf Ghani’s new peace proposal and said the Doha agreement the US and the Islamist movement signed in February 2020 is the “best plan” for peace and stability in Afghanistan. His idea comes on the heels of a new proposed US peace plan that would see Ghani

Istanbul meeting’s agenda shared with delegations in Doha: Sources

(Afghanistan Times): The U.S. special envoy for Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad has purportedly shared the agenda of the Istanbul meeting with the Afghan government negotiating team and the Taliban delegation in Doha, the capital city of Qatar. Sources privy to the issue in Doha, who wished to go unnamed, said that the agenda includes formation of

Khalili warns of ‘new crisis’ if peace process fails

(ATN News): Addressing a public gathering in Bamiyan, Khalili stated: “If the peace process faces a stalemate; we are worried [about what happens] on the other side of the issue; that the war would intensify; the situation would get worse,” he said adding that this is what parties to the process need to keep in

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