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Taliban Mine Factory Destroyed in Baghlan

(BNA): Taliban mine factory was destroyed in Baghlan province yesterday. Abdul Ghafar Nooristani press in charge of Khas operation army corps told BNA, the commando forces discovered and destroyed a mine factory of Taliban in Baghlan Jadeed District. In the operation of commando forces, Ghulam Bai village of the mentioned district was cleared from insurgents.

Taliban Shadow Governor Killed By ASF Operation

(BNA): Taliban shadow governor for Zary District, Balkh province was killed by Afghan security forces operation last night. Mohammad Haneef Rezayee spokesman of Shaheen 209 army corps told BNA, Mawlavi Ghul Ahmad shadow governor of Taliban for Zary District with his eight colleagues was killed by Afghan security forces operation in outskirt of the district.

US Expert Says Rift Over Afghan Aid Imperils Prospects For Peace

(TOLO news): “I think if it is only one year away from an election, or less than one year away from an election, it doesn’t make much of a point to reshuffle ministers. And, unavoidably, reshuffling and changing acting responsibilities gives the impression that those changes are politically motivated,” he said. Regarding the current National

Ghani Approved $41,000/Month Salary For German Advisor: MoCI

(TOLO news): for the MoCI said that the German advisor was recommended to the president by the deputy minister of commerce and industries, but subsequently the former minister of commerce and industries said that Ghani himself picked the advisor. In an interview with German media, the German advisor who is named Wolfgang Plasa Uber said

U.S. Drone Strike Kills 30 Pine Nut Farm Workers in Afghanistan

(Lew.Rock.well): The warriors who conducted this drone strike from a safe distance in the U.S. without any danger to themselves other than their moral conscience if they have one are henceforth “heroes.” “Thank you for your service.” The majority of the people killed by the US military in Washington’s 21st century wars for Israel and

Minister tells AP Afghan police are hardest hit by attacks

(Miami Herald): Police in Afghanistan are one of the country's most-criticized security forces, denigrated as corrupt and inept. Yet Interior Minister Massoud Andarabi says police are also the hardest hit, taking 70% of all casualties among government forces, dozens of whom die each day in relentless attacks by Taliban and Islamic State insurgents. Still, President

Karzai reacts to President Ghani’s recent remarks about Marshal Fahim

(KHAAMA PRESS): The former Afghan President Hamid Karzai reacted to President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s recent remarks about Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim. The former president said in a statement ‘Unfortunately, indecent remarks were made about Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim during one of the election rallies.’ Karzai further added that he found Marshal Fahim a dignified, patriotic,

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