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Special Forces to be Further & Better Equipped, NSA

(BNA) National Security Advisor Dr. Hamdullah Mohib says Afghan Special Forces are the most effective force for rooting out enemies and maintaining security in the country, therefore, further attention will be paid to supporting and further equipping the forces with modern military equipment.  Visiting the 333 operation unit of Afghan Special Police forces in Shekar

In Afghanistan, the Taliban uses violence as leverage during peace negotiations

(PBS news hour): In Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, 16 people died in a car bomb explosion last night. The target was the Green Village, a compound housing mainly international workers. Today, Afghans protested outside the compound, demonstrating against the foreign presence in their country. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, even as they

Kashmir issue, Afghan peace process: Islamabad becomes hub of diplomatic activity

(The international news): The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Sultan Al-Nahyan and State Minister Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir are visiting Islamabad to initiate their efforts to defuse the volatile situation prevailing between Pakistan and India created by Indian action of last month

Roadside Mine Took The Life of ANA Official in Ghor

(BNA) An ANA official was martyred in explosion of a roadside mine in Ghor province yesterday. Samy Nezhad spokesman for Ghor security commandment told BNA local correspondent, the ANA official was martyred while his vehicle struck a roadside mine in Ghor-Herat highway. Two policemen were also injured in the event.

U.S. Inches Closer to a Deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan

(The chipher brief news): America’s longest war, soon approaching its 18th year in Afghanistan, is not over although it seems to be entering a new phase. On September 1, the U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad discussed the broad contours of a tentative deal with the Taliban. The proposed deal calls for the

Kabul residents protest against foreign compound after Taliban attack

(N world news): Hundreds of residents from near Kabul’s Green Village took to the streets on Tuesday to demand justice for those killed and injured in Monday’s Taliban attack. Green Village is a heavily fortified compound that includes international organisations and aid agencies, and residential apartments for foreign employees. Those living near by said they

Ex Envoys Warn Of A Civil War If US Leaves Afghanistan

(TOLO news): “A major troop withdrawal must be contingent on a final peace,” the nine former diplomats wrote on the website of the Atlantic Council, a think tank. “The initial US drawdown should not go so far or so fast that the Taliban believe they can achieve military victory.” The nine envoys, including five former

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