Knowledge Exchange

CAPS welcome researchers to join us as Visiting Research Fellows. This opportunity offers established scholars access to office space and more importantly, the ability to conduct field research in Afghanistan and the region. Fellowships may last between one and twelve months depending on mutual collaboration and budgetary resources. CAPS will be happy to publish the products of Visiting Research Fellows. Visiting Fellows either have a PhD and teach at the university level, or are established scholars with permanent positions at another think tank or government body abroad.

  • 4 Month Fellowship:
    Fellows are to complete 2 opinion editorial pieces.

  • 6 Month Fellowship: 
    Fellows will be part of a research project at CAPS and are expected to complete a 10,000-word length paper.

  • 12 Month Fellowship: 
    Fellows will be part of a research project at CAPS and are expected to complete a 10,000-word length paper. 

The fellowship offers researchers an opportunity to be based in Afghanistan in order to conduct research and have their publications published with CAPS. Also, it is an excellent chance to meet with those in government, international community present in Kabul. Plus, being based in Kabul, researchers have the option to conduct field trips to provinces outside the capital.


With a strong commitment to building the next generation of researchers, policy analysts, and community advocates, CAPS does offer unpaid, volunteer internships to students and recent graduates.

As an Afghan organization, CAPS gives priority to Afghans looking to expand their skill set and prepare for a career in Afghanistan. With a minimum commitment of three months, interns work directly with the Research Team to gain a foundational understanding of research methods, data collection challenges, analytical tools, and writing.

Depending on the current project cycles and deliverables, CAPS also considers offers internship opportunities for international applicantswith an undergraduate or graduate degree who would like to gain experience in the Research field. Internships are on a voluntary, unpaid basis. However, due to the current immigration and employment laws governing internationals in Afghanistan, internationals applicants must make a minimum six-month commitment to the centre.

Knowledge Sharing

CAPS welcome international experts on international relations, developmental research to share their knowledge on Afghanistan conflict and peace-building efforts. Also CAPS will be happy to accept invitations and offer briefings on similar topics at conferences and seminars either to be held in Afghanistan or anywhere in the world.