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Located in Kabul, Afghanistan, CAPS is an independent, research centre that strives to conduct action-oriented research which will influence policy-makers. It works diligently towards building local capacity to produce conflict and threat assessments that will influence the safety and security of the people serving the governments, and international aid organizations.
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Jan 11, 2008
IRGC: US makes hue and cry to achieve its political goals

IRGC Deputy Commander in charge of Naval Forces Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said on Thursday that the US administration needs to make hue and cry to achieve its political goals and cover up the failed visit of the US president to the Middle East region.

On Iranian speedboats patrolling in the Persian Gulf, he said it is quite obvious why the Americans try to distort realities through media campaign, he said.

As a routine practice, the IRGC naval boats have always conducted regular patrols in the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf in the past 20 years in conformity with international regulation, he said.

The footages shown by US media are archive material and totally fabricated and the IRGC is to put the real one at the disposal of public media to unveil realities, said Fadavi.

The recorded conversation between Iranian guards and the US warships will be released to public media to enable experts to find out realities, he said.

Based on international maritime regulations enacted in 1982, the littoral states are authorized to monitor travel of ships and warships through their nearby straits, he pointed out.

Simultaneous with current visit of the US president to the Middle East region, Pentagon has launched a media campaign to obtain its sinister goals against Iran, he said, adding that nothing new has occurred and all inspections and control of ships and warships in the Strait of Hormuz are quite normal, he concluded.

(Source: "IRGC: US makes hue and cry to achieve its political goals", IRNA, 10 January 2008)

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