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Located in Kabul, Afghanistan, CAPS is an independent, research centre that strives to conduct action-oriented research which will influence policy-makers. It works diligently towards building local capacity to produce conflict and threat assessments that will influence the safety and security of the people serving the governments, and international aid organizations.
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Mar 20, 2019
50 winning candidates demand new Parliament's opening

KABUL (Pajhwok): Dozens of leading Wolesi Jirga candidates on Tuesday demanded the Election Commission announce final results of the October polls from the remaining constituencies to inaugurate the new parliament-elect.
The Wolesi Jirga elections were conducted on October 20 in 32 provinces but the voting was extended to the next day due to mismanagement and late beginning of voting.
President Ashraf Ghani fired the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) members after approving draft amendments to the electoral law and appointed new commissioners on March 4.
The dismissal of the election commissioners follows chaotic Wolesi Jirga polls on October 20 and 21 across 32 provinces.
The IEC announced initial Wolesi Jirga election results after a three-month delay and the final results from only 18 provinces have so far been announced.
According to the Constitution, the 17th working year of the National Assembly should be inaugurated by the President on March 7, but a spokesman to the president said the 17th legislative year would commence after the announcement of final results of the remaining election districts.
Around 50 leading candidates, who were announced winners in the initials results, held a gathering to demand the announcement of final results from the remaining districts.
In their joint declaration, the candidates said: “Unfortunately, we see some internal and external circles working to stifle the peace process, weaken the regime and serve their personal interests, but in such a situation the sensitive, active and existing presence of the three pillars of the state guarantee the national interests and stability of the country.”
The leading candidates urged international observers to continue their oversight until the final results of all districts were announced.
Hamayoon Shahzadah, one of the winning candidates from western Farah province, told media persons that Afghanistan was passing through a critical situation, in which the legislature had to play a vital.


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