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Located in Kabul, Afghanistan, CAPS is an independent, research centre that strives to conduct action-oriented research which will influence policy-makers. It works diligently towards building local capacity to produce conflict and threat assessments that will influence the safety and security of the people serving the governments, and international aid organizations.
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Mar 04, 2019
Some Paktika, Logar, Ghazni roads closed after heavy snowfall

KABUL (Pajhwok): Heavy snowfall in the past three days closed some districts roads in Ghazni, Paktika and Logar provinces which multiplied the problems of the people living in those areas, officials said on Sunday.
Mohammad Arif Noori, the governor’s spokesman of Ghazni, told Pajhwok Afghan News most roads in the province which connects districts with Ghazni City, the provincial capital had been closed as a result of continued snowfall.
The Public Works Department and some private sector companies cleared some roads but the snowfall was heavy thus most of the roads remained shut, he said.
Noori added the high 160 cm of snow and low 60 cm of the snow had fallen in Ghazni.
In Paktika, neighboring Ghazni province, most of the roads connecting districts with provincial capital remained close as a result of heavy snowfall.
Gul Mohammad, a resident of the Urgun district, told Pajhwok that almost one metre snow fell in their district.
He urged concerned authorities to help clean the roads as most of the passengers remained in Ghazni province waiting for the roads to be cleared.
Abdul Khaliq, a diver and resident of the Sharan, the provincial capital, a large number of vehicles have been stuck in the snow and urged the government officials to take steps to reopen the roads promptly.
He said a contractor firm has lack of enough machines therefore we will not give them complete money.
He accused the company which held the contract for clearing the roads over lack of machinery to effectively conduct its operation and warned not to give them complete money.
Samkani promised to work seriously along with the authorities concern to reopen the roads for people.
Public Works Department Head Mudir Ahmadzai said some roads had been cleared for traffic while snow clearing operation was underway on other roads.


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