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Located in Kabul, Afghanistan, CAPS is an independent, research centre that strives to conduct action-oriented research which will influence policy-makers. It works diligently towards building local capacity to produce conflict and threat assessments that will influence the safety and security of the people serving the governments, and international aid organizations.
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Dec 06, 2017
Despite reforms, national budget at risk of misuse: IWA

Dec 05, 2017 - 20:01

KABUL (Pajhwok): The Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA) on Tuesday said next fiscal year’s budget was approved after Wolesi Jirga members’ demands were incorporated in it.

The watchdog said even half of development budget could not be utilized during the past one decade due to political influence in projects.

In the next fiscal year’s (1397) budget draft, 267.2 billion afs has been allocated for general expenses and nearly 93.7 billion afs for development activities.

The budget draft was sent to the Wolesi Jirga for approval on November 22 after being endorsed by the Meshrano Jirga with some suggestions.

Last year’s general budget and development budget was more than 400 billion afs, but this year the amount was decreased by 22 percent.

A number of lower house members on Dec 2 criticized the next year’s budget draft for being unbalance.

The lawmakers had said some imaginary projects which could not be implemented in insecure areas had been added to the document. They added some recommendations to the draft.

However, IWA says the government, instead of enhancing the capacity of development projects’ implementation and budget spending, has cut short the development budget from 161 billion afs in 1396 solar year to 93 billion afs in 1397.

Sayed Ikram Afzali, IWA head, on Monday, presenting a detailed report about 1397 year budget, said their findings showed despite reforms, the national budget was prone to exploitation.

He said Wolesi Jirga’s role in monitoring the budget was against monitoring norms and the house members used their oversight authority for personal interests.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Finance (MoF) officials, in reaction to IWA findings, said the national budget had been prepared based on suggestions from ministries and independent budgetary institutions.

They said after a comprehensive study by the budget committee, the draft was then sent to the Cabinet for approval. Then the budget draft was sent to the National Assembly for approval and views of representatives were seriously considered.

They say the 1397 fiscal year budget was prepared keeping in mind the financial facilities, balance, expending capacity of organizations and in compliance with international standards.


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