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Located in Kabul, Afghanistan, CAPS is an independent, research centre that strives to conduct action-oriented research which will influence policy-makers. It works diligently towards building local capacity to produce conflict and threat assessments that will influence the safety and security of the people serving the governments, and international aid organizations.
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Aug 14, 2017
Kabul girls win regional juggling tournament

Aug 14, 2017 - 01:12

KABUL (Pajhwok): A girls juggling team from Kabul on Sunday won a regional juggling tournament participated by 11 teams from Afghanistan and two from abroad.

Khalilullah Hamid, head of the juggling federation of Afghanistan, told Pajhwok Afghan News the competition was watched by a four-member delegation of the International Jugglers Association (IJA).

He said two teams from Turkey and Iran and 11 teams from Afghanistan (six from Kabul, two from Herat, two from Nangarhar and one from Balkh provinces) participated in the tournament.

IJA chose Afghanistan as the 18th host of the juggling tournament and juggling teams from different regional countries were invited to compete in the matches, he said.

However, some regional countries did not participate in the competitions due to security problems in Afghanistan, he said.

The Turkish team withdrew from the tournament due to complexity of the game and the Iranian team was also unable to obtain enough scores for their victory.

At the end, Rabia and Nadia, members of Team No (1) of Kabul won first position and Team No (1) of Nangarhar and Team No (2) of Kabul won second position.

Hamid said the winner team would also compete in international juggling competitions to be held in 2020.

Juggling came into practice in Afghanistan in 2002 and was registered as a formal sport with the Afghanistan Olympic Committee earlier this solar year.

Nadia, 15, told Pajhwok she was happy for winning the first position in the tournament.

She said she had been exercising juggling for three years in the lead-up to the tournament. Nadia would also play in international games to win laurels for her country.


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